CIVIL LITIGATION:  Rand has managed hundreds of cases through the civil litigation process in state

court including cases involving catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, premise liability, rapes

and shootings at apartment complexes, persons killed in the propeller of a yacht, parking garage

collapses, tractor-trailer accidents resulting in death, and civil rights including police brutality

and the rape of a citizen by a police offer.

FEDERAL LITIGATION:  Some cases are subject to jurisdiction in federal courts, including cases

involving parties from different states, subject-matter jurisdiction, and cases involving violations

of federal laws including some police brutality and misconduct cases.  Rand has handled cases in

Federal litigation throughout the State of Florida and is currently barred in the United States District Court for the Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of Florida, and has appeared Pro Hac Vice in Federal courts in California and Georgia.   Rand Law, L.L.C. has the expertise you need to handle Federal litigation.

WRONGFUL DEATH:  When death strikes in a family, the last thing a grieving loved wants to do is deal with the legal process.  Under Florida Statutes survivors are entitled to recover damages for the loss of loved one.  Oftentimes, people die leaving your children or a spouse that need care and are entitled to recover monetary damages from a third-party for negligently or purposefully causing the death of a loved one- and they are entitled to receive that support.  Death is permanent and no amount of recovery can replace the loss.  Rand has recovered numerous multi-million dollar resolutions on behalf of survivors for the death of their loved ones.

CATASTOPHIC PERSONAL INJURY:  Catastrophic personal injury can happen in a multitude of ways, in the most extreme circumstances buildings collapse, planes crash, shootings, serious car accidents and boating accidents, and the person is left with a serious injury to their body often including loss of a limb, severe burns and scarring, and partial or full paralysis- not to mention medical bills and ongoing costs of survival and medical care, faced with unemployment.  Whatever caused the injury, Rand Law is here to help you find the solution to restoring the part of your life that was lost and fighting to ensure that you can pay your medical bills and have to money to treat your injuries, survive, and provide for your family and loved ones.

CIVIL RIGHTS:   Civil rights leaders, activists, and attorneys have fought long and hard to ensure that the rights of every person in the United States are respected and people are treated with equality.  Unfortunately, too often private actors or our government break the law and rob people of the rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution.  Rand Law, L.L.C. is here to ensure that your individual rights are protected and that equal rights remain secure within our society.  Jasmine Rand excels in the civil rights arena and has drafted documents for an employment discrimination case before the United States Supreme Court and specializes in police brutality and misconduct and has been involved in litigation against the NYPD, LAPD, and Miami Beach PD to name a few.

PREMISE LIABILITY:  In general landowners owe a duty to persons on their property to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition.  If you are injured in at somebody’s home, in a hotel, at an apartment complex, in a mall, daycares, at a night club- depending on the circumstances you may be entitled to recovery against the landowner, and any potential management company, security company, or maintenance company or other company hired by the landowner to serve the premise.  Common injuries include rape, shootings and stabbings, broken bones, or serious burn injuries.  Jasmine Rand has resolved numerous premise liability cases in high six figure and seven figure ranges based upon rape, shooting, and other personal injury that occurred on private property.

TRUCKING ACCIDENTS:  We all see tractor-trailers on the highway transporting the goods many of us depend on in our daily lives in this nation; however, due to the long hours drivers often work and the time spent on the road trucking accidents occur often and when they do often cause serious injury and death due to the high speeds on highways and the relative size of tractor-trailers.  Tractor-trailer companies and drivers are required to abide by the laws set forth in the state of Florida and by the Federal government and often times drivers and companies violate these laws or negligently operate the vehicle resulting in serious injury or death.   Rand has experience in obtaining seven figure results from tractor-trailer companies for violating Federal and state laws resulting in the death of innocent people.

PRODUCTS LIABILITY:  When a product malfunctions, it can cause serious harm to individuals whether it is a tire blow-out on the highway, defective design of a baby crib.  If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to recover against the designer, manufacturer, the person or company that sold you the product- or any person in the stream of commerce.